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Multimedia learning (Third edition)

The third edition of Richard Mayer’s ‘Multimedia Learning’ book. This edition covers the increase in the multimedia research base, adds three additonal principles for using multimedia and a greater focus on understanding the cognitive and motivational processes during learning that support meaningful learning. Multimedia

Emotional design theory of learning with digital media

Plass and Kaplan’s proposed the Emotional design theory of learning with digital media to consider the impact of affect on learning. They argue that the emotional design of multimedia learning material can induce positive emotions in learners that in turn facilitate comprehension and transfer. Multimedia

e-Learning and the Science of Instruction

Colvin-Clark and Mayer’s seminal book ‘e-Learning and the Science of Instruction’ exemplifies the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning theory and provides research-based guidelines on how best to present content with text, graphics, and audio as well as the conditions under which those guidelines are most effective. Multimedia

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Richard Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning specifies five cognitive processes in multimedia learning: selecting relevant words from the presented text or narration, selecting relevant images from the presented graphics, organizing the selected words into a coherent verbal representation, organizing selected images into a coherent pictorial representation, and integrating the..Read More